1649 Possessions

Right, let’s set the scene. I think I had a problem; I know I had a problem. I was a materialist and possessions were a big part of my life. When looking for student homes to live in whilst at university, the biggest room always had to be mine so I could fit in all my ‘stuff’.


My belongings expressed who I was as a person. My 500+ strong record collection and high-end Hi-Fi system portrayed my love of music. The two surfboards, each in its own corner, illustrated my connection with the ocean. My large corner desk was home for two computer monitors and a desktop Mac, which was positioned next to a 40″ TV and dusty Xbox One; an old love for computer games and a current passion for technology was to blame for those. Four bikes were stacked up against a wall looking more like a street in Amsterdam, rather than a bedroom in Plymouth. Amazingly with all this stuff I still had space for a double bed and sizable collection of clothes.


Why am I telling you all this? Because I am getting rid of it all. Well, not all of it, I’m setting myself the challenge, of living with 50 possessions between now and July 2017, the end of my final year of university. This blog will document my journey through my Final Major Project and the impact that living with fewer possessions has, on both myself and my studies. Watch this, hopefully, more empty space.


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